Friday, 15 July 2016

Santa Maluco and my Canon 16-35mm F4L IS USM Lens

This week one of my assignments was an interior shoot for a newly opened pizzeria called SantaMaluco. This place is stunning inside and full of character. As part of the Graffiti Spirits Group (same owners as Salt Dog Slims, Santa Chupitos, Slim'sPork Chop Express etc.) this new venue is situated near Liverpool's business district on Castle Street. A very popular street with a lot of fresh and exciting offerings in terms of bars and restaurants.

I was itching to try out my new Canon 16-35mm F4L IS USM lens and see if it really was worth upgrading to. Up until now I hadn't had a job or an occasion where this lens was needed so was intrigued to see the sharpness that the reviews and sample images had promised. Due to the nature of the shoot I pretty much stayed close to the sweet spot in terms of aperture for this lens at around f8 - f11. Due to the hit and miss auto focus offered for the lens while mounted on my A7R via Commlite adapter I decided to rely on the excellent focus peaking that Sony A7 series cameras offer and manually focus the lens for every shot. At f8 - f11 while at focal lengths around 16mm pretty much everything is in focus anyway.

After looking through the photos and editing them in Lightroom and making some slight tweaks in Photoshop it's easy to see that this lens is a great performer. Corner to corner sharpness which was my main reason for choosing this lens is nothing short of brilliant. Real world colours and contrast again are very closely replicated. All in all I'm very happy with the results this lens produces. My initial disappointment with the autofocus can be almost forgotten.

Please check out the images from my shoot and leave a comment.

I definitely recommend that you check this place out for yourself. Great pizza and an amazing selection of rum. My ideal night out :)

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