Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Its been nearly 2 years since I took this with my Sony A65 and a rented Samyang 8mm Fisheye.
Despite still loving this image there's so much I would change about this shot if I were to retake it.

I would:

1. Would without doubt shoot this in RAW instead of jpeg as I did originally. I could then bring out more of the details in the buildings

2. Shoot in Manual instead of Auto

3. Use the lowest ISO avalaible for the best quality possible and not ISO 400!

4. Use a tripod and cable release even though it was a very bright day

5. Use a circular polarizer

6. Graduated ND filter possibly

7. Wiped my damn lens and made sure my sensor was clean.

8. Possibly shoot with my Sigma 10-20mm instead of my Samyang 8mm fisheye as the quality of image is way better in my opinon. I would only be losing a little bit of focal length but then I suppose I wouldn't get the warped perspective the fisheye gives.

Thanks for looking. Please feel free to comment and share :)

Samyang AF 24mm f1.8 FE