Tuesday, 2 October 2018

My-Picture.co.uk Print

I was approached a while back by My-Picture.co.uk with an offer to test out their services. I opted for a large format 90cm x 60cm aluminium print which is something that I'd seen on display by other printing companies at this year's Photography Show in Birmingham.

I went through a load of images that I've shot over the years and decided that I didn't really have anything that I wanted to print that had lots of detail, nice colours and most importantly something that I'd want hung on my garden office wall. So I decided to shoot something new. My office is mainly white with one bright yellow wall so it would need to fit in with that colour scheme. I came up with the idea to shoot some fresh fruit that had been sliced to show the textures and details inside. I shot a few different types of fruit - kiwi, lemons, pomegranate and pink grapefruit. All looked pretty good but the pink grapefruit stood out for me in terms of details and colours. This is a project that I'm going to persevere with and see how many different types of fruit I can shoot in the same type of setup.

Here's the image I shot specifically for this test print

I ordered late on a Tuesday night, I got notification that my order had been dispatched early on Friday morning and the print was delivered by midday on the following Tuesday. My print was packaged well in a made to measure cardboard box. Inside the box the print was wrapped in a thin layer of cushioned plastic and then a protective film on the surface of the print which needed to be peeled off. It also had foam protective corners added.

Made to measure cardboard packaging

Corner protectors and protective plastic

Peelable protective film

On the back of the print I opted to have the additional aluminium backframe fitted so putting this on the wall was pretty simple. I just drilled a couple of holes, used a couple of rawlplugs to secure some screws and then the print was ready to hang.

Mounting framework

Close up of the mounting frame

In the past I've had some large prints done by other companies on canvas and the quality is ok. Having something printed on aluminium like this is something new to me but as mentioned earlier I have seen the benenfits of such printing on display elsewhere. The quality of this aluminium print is superb. If detail is important then you really should check out this method of printing. I'm blown away by the vibrant colours and pin sharp details and it has a stunning glossy finish to it. I don't get to print images as often as I'd like and it makes a massive difference seeing your images in the flesh as opposed to on a screen all the time. This print as you can see has taken pride of place in my office. Needless to say I will be ordering more from My-Picture.co.uk and I can't recommend them enough. I'm intrigued to see what the acrylic prints are like next and would love to compare the two.

Vibrant colours and sharp details in the print

The print takes pride of place in my office

Thanks for reading.

I'd like to thank My-Picture.co.uk for getting in touch with me and offering a trial of their services to me.

For more information on My-Picture.co.uk products please take a look at their website - my-picture.co.uk

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